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Global & International Studies Undergraduate Program


Academic Director

Prof. Mike Wuthrich, Assistant Director, Center for Global and International Studies



Academic Advising
College Advising & Student Services
To make an advising appointment, please call 785-864-3500

Degrees offered:

Global & International Studies Graduate Programs


Director of Graduate Studies

Luciano Tosta


Academic Advising

College Office of Graduate Affairs

To make an advising appointment, call 785-864-4201 or write coga@ku.edu.



The innovative and interdisciplinary field of Global and International Studies prepares students with the skills and knowledge to deal with contemporary global issues and to operate in a world where both problems and opportunities increasingly transcend national boundaries. KU's Master of Arts in Global and International Studies is designed for those who seek a better understanding of international issues that shape public policy and the global economy and who want to have an impact in these areas.

Degrees offered:

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