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University Career Center
Summerfield Hall, Room 206, career.ku.edu
Visit KU’s UCC for help with resumes, cover letters and interviews. Meet with a counselor for one-on-one help or visit the website to research internships and job positions. Check out the International Professionals & Public Servants career community page. Sign up here to receive info on events, opportunities, and resources.

KU Office of Fellowships
Summerfield Hall, Room 222, fellowships.ku.edu
This office is dedicated to guiding students through the process of applying for national scholarships and other funding opportunities. Learn about fellowships and scholarships available for students at different stages, in different majors, and with different backgrounds.

The tools and resources available to you at MyWorldAbroad will assist students in the development of global career skills. KU students can register at MyWorldAbroad for a free account. Registration is a one-time process and provides unlimited future access to MyWorldAbroad.

Top Resources (from MyWorldAbroad)
Find information about opportunities abroad! Resources include jobs, internships, volunteering, and teaching English. MyWorldAbroad has lists of most popular resources arranged by topic.

The Four Parts to Acquiring Global Career Skills (from MyWorldAbroad)
Learn the career value of going abroad while still in school. The global workforce is competitive, and nowadays just about every industry operates internationally. Below, you will find a brief introduction to MyWorldAbroad’s four-part approach to global career success. Follow this outline, and prepare yourself for career success in the new global economy. MyWorldAbroad.com/the4bigthings

5 Killer Tips for Including Study Abroad in Your Resume


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